Our core objective is to offer the best auditing services while maintaining the highest ethical standards. Our experience and knowledge of carrier billing, FCC/PUC tariff promotions, loopholes and special deals will yield your organization thousands of dollars a year!!

What We Do

Our Core Service is the recovery of overcharges and production of cost savings. Regardless of your carrier or contract status, we will work with them to reduce cost. The audit will provide a complete telecom inventory and unique visibility into these expenses. We have always put a strong emphasis on Landlines but have now expanded to include Wireless Optimization. You can go here to read a lot more about that.

Clients that have put their trust in us include the following companies:

  • BMW Manufacturing
  • BMW Financial Services
  • Evergreen Packaging
  • Reynolds Packaging Group
  • Hubbell Lighting
  • Jacuzzi Brands
  • General Shale Brick
  • Spinx Stores

No Risk Auditing will save you time and money!

An audit is the most effective way to evaluate your telecommunications services in order to avoid costly overcharges. Because of our experience and keeping apprised of market trends, we are able to keep you informed and help you to see the benefit to your company. Here is more about our audit service


The ongoing cost of telecommunications ranks as one of the top five expenses for most companies Companies spend as much as 5% to 35% more than they need to because they pay for services they don't use OR they don't have the resources to find the best available rate plans Next to Healthcare, Telecommunications is the hardest service to bill for Carriers are merging now which results in reducing the competitive pool causing a rise in rates



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