Cost Reduction Services: (2 steps)


1) Historical Audit: 

Your most recent month’s billings are analyzed to reveal and recover overcharges. These reviews will identify overcharges that have been occurring for months or years. The audit will include an inventory of all local, long distance, and data lines.

2) Ongoing Cost Reduction:

The data gathered in the historical audit is parlayed to determine savings recommendations to reduce your monthly telecom cost. Many of these savings are a direct result of eliminating the overcharges, but larger savings are derived from reducing current legitimate costs. Many times this is accomplished utilizing your current vendor. 


Bill Management:

Our overall goal is to provide a solution to manage, reduce, and contain telecom expenses going forward. This solution is geared to eliminate the need for repetitive historical audits by implementing processes to audit bills prior to payment. While carrier-billing errors are inevitable, our solution will reduce the time spent by your staff following up on billing errors.

Our staff will work with yours to develop an appropriate solution that best meets your unique needs and requirements.

Generally, a historical audit is recommended prior to developing a solution to identify and clean up overcharges.


Project Management:

Not all telecom projects surround money but nonetheless, one time projects must be performed that are outside the level of competency of the staff involved. TeleLink recognizes this and we offer management services to accomplish such tasks. Examples of projects that we have managed in the past are:

  • Carrier migration
  • PBX upgrades
  • Local service upgrades
  • Traffic studies
  • Circuit Inventorie


RFP Management:


Requesting carrier proposals can be labor intensive and drawn out. If performed correctly, it will payoff handsomely to the client in terms of both dollars and carrier service. As your agent in the RFP process, we will serve as the liaison to the carriers to:

  • Compile current billing usage information
  • Develop RFP text
  • Evaluate responses
  • Negotiate a final deal that is evenly weighted between carrier and client

These steps are time consuming because attention to detail is critical. If they are performed incorrectly they will result in higher cost and unfavorable contract clauses. Performed correctly they will lead to competitive rates and a contract that is evenly bias between the carrier and client.

We will manage these steps to lead to a successful RFP process. At the same time, your staff will be freed up to attend to other priorities.


Contract Review: 

Committing to a long-term contract for long distance, frame relay, data, Internet services etc. is an arduous task for any organization. After reading the terms, rates, discounts, MARCs and subMARCs, most organizations are left wondering whether or not the “contract” is a good deal.

The majority of contracts are bias towards the carrier and will work against the customer. With our experience and ability to glean clauses from existing contracts that are biased to the customer, we will work with our clients to negotiate a better deal for the short and long term. The real secret to a successful contract is one that starts off competitive and allows the customer to maintain competitive rates throughout the contract. Our goal is to help our clients come away with a contract that is a good deal at the beginning of the contract and it's termination. Whether our clients need to negotiate a better deal with a current provider, assist with the development of a Request for Proposal or review a proposed contract already in hand, our contract reviews will assist you to produce a better deal. 




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