Wouldn’t it be great to get money back from the telephone company?

Industry analysts have shown that as many as 80% - 99% of businesses are being improperly billed every year!  The best way to recover the overcharges and garners savings is through an audit.  Rate plans and technologies change quickly in the telecom industry.  Yesterday’s bargains are today’s rack rates.  Most companies cannot afford the resources to hire a full time person to keep up with the changes. That is where Telelink comes in.  Our intense involvement in the industry allows us to track these changes to produce significant savings.


Hard Dollars:

  • Reduced Operating Cost -Telecom is ranked as one of the top ten expenses for Corp.
  • Return hard dollars back to budget starting in 30 days
  • On going savings of 20% is typical
  • First year savings equivalent to 3 months of Telecom billings
  • No Capital Outlay – Fee is a percentage of savings

Soft Dollars:

  • Profound visibility to telecom spend & inventory
  • Complete inventory of all your telecom assets (Location, speed, cost, etc)
  • Increased Staff productivity & efficiency
  • Carriers become more responsive

Minimal Time Required

  • A typical audit will take approximately 8 hours spread over a 6 week period 
  • Customer involvement is minimal.

Easy to Start

  • One month worth of bills 
  • Letters of authorization
  • Meeting to review pertinent background information

There is NO RISK!! We work on a contingency basis only. When we put money back in your budget, you will pay us what you would have already paid your carrier. That is a one time fee and you will be saving for years to come on your telecommunications. Call us today!!


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