Wireless Optimization - Defined

Obtain three months of usage and spend
 Review all possible rate plans - Access, Texting and Data
 Recommend the best mix of plans to achieve the lowest cost basis

Wireless Facts

In 2008 Cellular cost exceeded cost of landline for the first time
 Rapidly changing rates and rules increase complexities for companies
 More than any time in history wireless has become a vital part of Telecommunications for most people.

Benefits Of Optimization

Money - Average savings are running at about 32% It will bring your cost under controlGain insight into your usage and your expense habits through the use of very detailed Optimization Reports.

What The Optimization Reports Will Show

  • Executive Historical Dashboard 
  • Total expense Trend 
  • Effective Rate Per Minute (ERPM) 
  • Top Airtime Users Data Usage Trends
  • The End Result
  • Reduction in cost and increased visibility to devices
  • Top Mobile To Mobile Users
  • Low Or Zero Use Phones
  • Utilization Details
  • Top Expenses By User Top Roaming Users


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