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Creative Telecom Strategy Specialist

Telecom strategy set with one contact and decades of experience in telecom planning and design saves you priceless time and money. Whether it is Hosted Voice, Connecitivity, Cloud, Co-Location or Call Centers - our years of experience will set a robust solution.

Featured Services


  • Centralized management
  • Application diversity
  • Efficient use of budget
  • Rapid expension of service


  • Risk management
  • Loss prevention
  • Cloud security
  • Ransomware, Malware

Contact Center

  • Complete contact routing
  • Workforce optimization
  • Carrier-grade network support
  • Enterprise solutions


  • Cost reduction
  • High bandwidth
  • Network flexibility
  • Centralized management

No Risk Audit

Need to free up money in the IT budget for projects? Majority of our clients have been over charged and/or paying too much for their telecom services. We scour your billings to identify the overcharges and recover the overcharges for as long as they have occurred. Then we turn our attention to reducing your current cost structure. Savings of 22% or more is common.

Welcome to Telelink Consulting

Whether are you looking for a complete global telecom transformation or need a simple Internet circuit, TeleLink is there to support the decision process with the insights you need on each providers strengths and weaknesses so you can partner with a strong provider for your business.

Additional Services

Expense Management

90% Of businesses pay too much for telecom expenses because they don’t examine their bills.


Project Mgt.

We manage carrier migration, service upgrades, traffic studies, citcuit inventory and more.


RFP Management

We will compile current bills, develop RFP text, evaluate responses, negotiate a final deal.


Contract Review

We have experience and ability to glean clauses from existing contracts that are biased to you.


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