Telecom Expense Management

We understand it may make more sense to simply pay a bill rather than pore over it line by line - but that doesn’t mean you’re not being overcharged by your providers. Almost 90% of businesses are paying too much for their telecom expenses because they don’t have time to examine their bills. Fortunately, our telecom expense management service can reduce your costs to increase your ROI.

If you don’t have time to go through your telecom bills with a fine-tooth comb, our team can manage your expenses for you. DTG’s telecom expense management package includes comprehensive audits of your current services, including a line-by-line analysis of your bills. We’ll look for unusual charges and will fight for them to be reversed. We’ll even negotiate lower bills on your behalf.

Is it worth it? Typical returns are refunds equal to 2 months worth of TOTAL telecom billing and savings exceeding 18% on a go forward basis. Said another way - that is the equivalent of eliminating 3 months of billing in the first 12 months.

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