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  • Manage Telecom Expenses
  • Free Up Staff

TeleLink utilizes leading experts in regulatory and tariff analysis, making us the authority in telecommunications cost reduction. Our expertise and knowledge of the FCC and PSC/PUC tariff promotions, loopholes, and special “deals” will save your firm thousands of dollars per year. Our investment in research and our proprietary tariff database GUARANTEES your firm will receive the lowest prices for all your telecommunications services.

Commissioned sales representatives from leading carriers are not well versed in the cost reduction aspects of specialized tariff analysis and have no incentive to explore avenues of savings on your behalf. These sales reps are motivated to sell services that provide high margins for their firms. For you to play the carriers and other service providers against one another is not only time consuming, it will rarely get you the best price available.    

TeleLink can do what only an independent, non-biased, savings/fee-based consultant can do — reduce your costs without compromising the quality of your telecommunications. Our only fee will be 50% of the monthly savings that you verify for 12 months. After that, 100% of the ongoing savings is yours. If we don’t save you money, you owe us nothing.    

TeleLink’s auditing and tariff database research can begin as soon as you return the simple no-risk contingency agreement enclosed. We will begin our research study immediately upon receipt of your bills. Within 30 days, you’ll see a comprehensive report of all savings options and refunds to cut your telecommunications expenses 15% to 30%!    

Our service also includes an annual contingency “re-audit” of your new costs against next year’s tariff revisions to ensure that you keep your on-going expenses to a minimum.    With our no-risk agreement, and the possibility of 30% savings, there’s really no reason not to consider TeleLink. We look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Our Services

We offer the following services to help you achieve significant cost-savings:  

  • Cost Reduction Services
  • Bill Management
  • Project Management
  • RFP Management
  • Contract Review

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No Risk Audit


An audit is the most effective way to reevaluate your telecommunications services in order to avoid overcharges. we constantly wade through all the improvements and modifications in the telecommunications industry and keep you informed of only those changes that will benefit your company.

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